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2010-09-14 17:22:33

New section at the Agro Team website - RECIPES

To attract more interest to our website, the Agro Team company has introduced a new section – RECIPES (click here). Every two weeks, new recipes will be added. They will all be based on our main product – champignons. Recipes can be easily printed and you can create your own cookbook.
We do encourage everybody to visit us frequently and to cook with Agro Team.

A sample recipe – CHAMPIGNON SOUP
1. 0.5 kg fresh white champignons
2. one medium carrot
3. one small parsley root
4. ¼ medium celery
5. approx. 20 cm leek
6. 1/3 packet of butter
7. one stock cube or stock
8. 4 potatoes
9. cream, flour or farina as a thickener

Coarsely grate the carrot, parsley root and celery, melt 1/3 packet of butter on a frying pan, add the vegetables and stew slightly, add the entire leek, season to taste and finally add finely cut champignons - preferably into strips - (stir from time to time, making sure champignons do not fall apart), when the vegetables and champignons are sufficiently fried put a stock cube into a pot (the stock cube may be vegetable, mushroom or chicken-flavoured) or stock (beef stock should not be used), next add the potatoes cut into cubes, cook over a slow fire, put the leek into the pot, season the soup to taste (salt, pepper). Finally, the champignon soup may be thickened with cream, water with flour or 3 tablespoons of farina (depending on your preferences), it can also be sprinkled with fresh parsley.